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Thrift Store Shopping in NYC: Unique Thrift in Jamaica Queens

I’m a thrift store junkie. I prefer the word connoisseur but who am I kidding I need good thrifting in my life like a crack head needs that crack son!! I have grappled with the idea of doing thrift store reviews for some time (since I moved here in 2009 really) but I decided 2013 is a good time to stop being so greedy and share my wealth of knowledge. Good thrift stores in NYC are hard to find if you don’t know where to look. I am blessed to be a New Yorker with a car so no matter where I go in the 5 boroughs  I am constantly sniffing out new thrift stores like a bloodhound. I figured I would kick off this series with my all time favorite, Unique Thrift in Jamaica Queens! I love this place so much! I have found soooo many treasures there that I really didn’t want to share the secret of its existence in fear that it might become quickly ravaged by other hungry thrifters. But whatev’s like I said, I’m over it! You guys have to check this place out!! Unique is located on 161-20 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11432. You can see their site here  It has a small swapmeet/bazaar area on the top floor that has cheap jewelry,toiletries from Africa, and hair braiding. The real action at Unique is downstairs so keep walking past all the small booths to the escalator!

From this angle the store isn’t much to look at but it’s pretty huge so when you visit you will see what I mean. They have a TON of clothes,shoes,hats,purses to look through. So much so that I rarely even bother.  That is not to say there isn’t amazing stuff. Lately for me I just haven’t been into the rack searching that it takes to find vintage gems. If you like that sort of thing Unique is going to rock your socks off.

I found a vintage Dooney and Bourke all weather leather bag there last time I went! It was only 9.99 and on Monday’s you get complimentary 25% off for customer appreciation day so you know I had to cop it! Needless to say I am glad to have taken a walk by the purses for a change. For me Unique is all about the home goods and china but I like to think there’s a little something for everyone there.

Another great thing about Unique is the glut of totally random objects of days gone by. Like this framed picture of a pudgey young Ozzy Ozbourne covered in blood and dripping in fringe. This is just one example of many weird things that I’ve found that make me totally happy while in Unique. OH! speaking of random I forgot to mention another key aspect that makes Unique rule!

There is a fully functioning magic supply store inside on the lower level!

This place has everything you need or never knew you needed in relation to the world of magic. Potions,statues,handbooks,an entire wall of candles,incense,oils, even something that was labeled evil posion?? My grandma on my moms side, may she rest in peace, was into the brujeria arts so while all this stuff is new to me it doesn’t really freak me out like it does some people. I kind of love it! I could spend all day in that magic shop just reading labels! I’m so curious, I can’t help it!