3 Easy Ways To Get In The Spirit Of Spring

chula fashionisgreat spanish pretty tshirt

As winter winds down and spring is revving up we'd like to share 3 easy ideas that will help you put a little spring in your step! 

1. Buy Yourself Flowers - Spring is all about new life! What better way is there to welcome in the new season than buying yourself some fresh flowers to liven up your space. Did you know that having fresh flowers in a room is known to lower blood pressure? So not only are they beautiful they're good for you too!

2. Get Outside - Grab a friend and go for a walk. Ok ok.. this one is a little hard because sometimes it's still cold outside but after a long winter indoors we can all use some extra sun! Sun exposure will lift your mood and give you a dose of vitamin D which is great for your skin. Who doesn't like that?

3.Learn A New Language - The world outside is beginning to grow again and you can join in the fun too by learning something new! If you have ever wanted to try a new language this is the perfect time to start. The popular language app Duolingo is free! They have Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Japanese and many others to choose from. You never know you may be a quick study and be fluent by summer!

P.s. The shirt above "Chula" means pretty in spanish. We're trying to be to be bilingual out here too!

These are just a few ideas to get you in a spring mood and we hope you enjoy them and try them!

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